This holiday season make safety stick. Stay safe and sane this season by heeding these words of warning.
Number 1 Caution: Over stuffing your sockets could put a shocking in your stocking. Just say no to putting one more plug in that power strip. Number 2 Danger: Kitties and kiddies don't play well with electricity. Keep mischievous fingers and paws away from electrical decorations.
Number 3 Warning: Flammables could light up the night in all the wrong ways. Keep open flames on solid surfaces and far from things that could catch fire. Number 4 Caution: Don't burn up your Benjamins with traditional bulbs. Keep your holidays bright with energy-efficient LED lights. Number 5 Warning: Decorating carelessly could lead to crying helplessly. Don't take the first step until you've discarded light strands with frayed or loose wires.
Number 6 Warning: Reckless inflatables can endanger neighbors and your wallet. That cute inflatable snowman can easily become a dangerous projectile if not secured properly. Number 7 Caution: Leaving Rudolph running all night could give your wallet a fright. Turn your decorations off when you go to sleep or leave the house. Number 7 Danger: Ignoring labels could ignite your lights in a bad way. Indoor lights go indoors. Outdoor lights go outdoors. No exceptions.
Number 8 Warning: That jolly old space heater could torch more than your tinsel. Keep it at least three feet from bedding, clothing, draperies, furniture and rugs. And don't use it near water or flammable liquids. Number 9 Warning: Opening the oven can lead to half-cooked dinners and hangry relatives. When checking on food, use the oven light instead. Opening the door lowers the temperature inside by as much as 25 degrees, increasing cooking time and wasting energy. Number 10 Danger: Heating your home with a stove or oven is a holiday hazard waiting to happen. Number 11 Caution: Turn electric blankets off before you turn in.
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