ALERTA DE ESTAFA: Esté alerta ante posibles estafadores que intenten hacerse pasar por empleados de OUC por teléfono. Nunca llamaremos ni enviaremos mensajes de texto para solicitar información bancaria ni de tarjetas de crédito por teléfono. Si recibe una llamada sospechosa, cuelgue. Protéjase de los estafadores y visite
Holi-Dos and Holi-Don'ts. Safety Doesn't Take a Holiday
Holi-Don't. Don't overload the powerstrips.
Holi-Do. Do use energy efficient LED lights
Holi-Don't. Don't leave decorations on all night
Holi-Do. Do properly secure inflatable lawn ornaments
Holi-Do. Do replace frayed light strands.
Holi-Don't. Don't allow fingers or paws near electrical decorations
Holi-Do. Do use indoor lights inside and outdoor lights outside.
Holi-Do. Do keep space heaters at least 3' from bedding, clothing, draperies and rugs. Don't use near water or flammable liquids.
Holi-Don't. Don't open the oven door to check on cooking food. Do use the oven light instead.
Holi-Do. Do turn off electric blankets before falling asleep.
Holi-Do. Do use open flames on solid surfaces and away from flammable items.

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