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Hot Weather Equals Higher Energy Bills. OUC can help you save money when the heat is on. When the temperatures rise, your A/C runs twice as long as it does in the cooler months to keep your home at the same temperature, which can result in a higher bill than usual. Follow these simple energy-saving tips to stay cool this summer.
Ajuste su termostato a 78 grados. Cooling your home can account for more than 50 percent of your utility bill. Each degree you lower the thermostat below 78 degrees adds six to eight percent more to your cooling costs. Keep your thermostat at its efficiency sweet spot of 78 degrees and see the savings.
No permita que entre el sol. Use parasoles, cortinas y persianas para no dejar entrar los rayos del sol ni el calor, especialmente en ventanas orientadas al este o al oeste.
Accione el interruptor de los ventiladores de techo. Ceiling fans create a wind chill effect that allows you to raise your thermostat while maintaining the same level of comfort. Asegúrese de que funcionen en el sentido contrario a las agujas del reloj, pero no olvide apagarlos cuando la habitación está vacía.
Colabore con el aire acondicionado. Replace your air filter regularly! Dirty filters restrict airflow, making the system work harder to keep you cool. Set your unit's fan to auto. The auto setting prevents your unit's fan from constantly running and raising your bill.
Save with OUC rebates. Customers can take advantage of rebates to help make their homes efficient, like A/C upgrades, solar window film and more.
Haga un cambio inteligente. Un termostato inteligente le permite ahorrar hasta un 10 por ciento en costos de refrigeración al aumentar la temperatura cuando sale y acondicionar justo antes de que regrese a su casa.
OUC's Efficiency Delivered can save homeowners money on improvements that reduce their energy and/or water consumption. The program begins with a free home audit and offers income-based cost-sharing benefits as well as rebates on efficiency upgrades.
Supporting our customers with personalize solutions to meet their needs is a priority.


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