Summer of 78: Este verano, despídase de las altas facturas de electricidad y obtenga grandes ahorros. Solo siga estos simples consejos para mantenerse fresco en forma inteligente.
Set your thermostat to 78 degrees. That's the efficiency sweet spot for your home's air conditioner. Each degree you lower the thermostat below 78 degrees adds six to eight percent more to your cooling costs
Keep the sun out. Use parasoles, cortinas y persianas para no dejar entrar los rayos del sol ni el calor, especialmente en ventanas orientadas al este o al oeste.
Flip the switch on those ceiling fans. Make sure they're turning counter clockwise, but don't forget to turn them off when the room is empty.
Give your A/C a helping a hand. Keep the air filter fresh and your fan set to
Make the smart switch. A smart thermostat can save you up to 10 percent on cooling costs by raising the temperature when you're away and cooling things down just before you come home.
Save with OUC’s rebates and incentives.OUC customers can take advantage of robust rebates and incentives to make their homes more efficient, which includes air conditioning upgrades.
Monitor your electric consumption. Find out how efficient your home's energy use is and where you can make improvements to lower your utility bills. Click here to log into myOUC to start your online energy home check. To schedule a free in-home audit, call 407-423-9018 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.
Monitor your electric consumption. OUC’s usage dashboard will help you better understand your usage patterns and therefore reduce your bill.
Read the Hot Weather Survival Guide. In order to help you beat the heat, we've put together a guide full of tips to save you money by using energy efficiently.


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