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Encuesta sobre energía y agua comercial

What is a Business Energy & Water Survey?

Business Energy & Water Surveys are performed by our highly-trained Conservation Specialists who will perform a walkthrough audit of your business and check the following:

  • Building envelope including insulation
  • HVAC systems including ductwork
  • Iluminación
  • Equipos de refrigeración
  • Calentamiento de agua
  • Motores
  • Indoor and outdoor water consumption

Indoor Conservation Audits Suspended: Since marzo 2020, due to COVID-19, OUC has been performing modified energy and water audits for our customers.  A modified audit means that for the safety of our customers and employees, our Conservation Specialists are not entering any customer’s business.  For a majority of customers, we will continue to visit the property but remain outside where we can survey the meter and other equipment.  We will also review consumption trends and savings recommendations at a safe distance while wearing a mask.  If needed, we can utilize video call tools to obtain further information from the customer inside of the business.

Mostrándole las maneras de ahorrar dinero

Después de la inspección, usted recibirá un informe escrito que detalla las recomendaciones rentables que pueden hacer que su negocio consuma menos energía eléctrica y agua potable. These may range from low or no-cost suggestions to the replacement of inefficient equipment.

Programe su encuesta gratuita

To schedule a free Business Energy & Water Survey, simply call an OUC account representative at 407-423-9018 or email your inquiry to us.

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